BREWERS BAY is Café Sausalito’s newest project. Creating a new space in Sham Shui Po for coffee enthusiasts to connect, Brewers Bay is for people who want to improve their understanding of coffee through collaborative brewing, learning and sharing.

The Brewers Bay experience is about demystifying the art of coffee and creating a genuine sharing space that invites people to discover and experiment. Through hands-on coffee equipment access, such as a variety of drippers and grinders, and unlimited Single Origin tasting, brewers from all backgrounds can get inspired with new ideas and techniques to apply to their brews.

Café Sausalito is passionate about spreading the love of specialty coffee, from bean to cup, and expanding not only Sham Shui Po’s coffee experience offering but also Hong Kong’s coffee culture with Brewers Bay. We are about breaking down barriers between barista and customer and opening up the conversation for the genuine exchange of information and ideas. We believe in connecting the community through coffee and creating opportunities for our community to grow together.