Café Sausalito launched the Sausalito Sustainability Projects (SSP) in 2017 as a collection of activities and initiatives to contribute back to the community. A greener world starts with greener habits, a philosophy we instil in our daily business operations and hope to inspire in our customers. Share your green ideas with us below! We're open to new collaborations that contribute to a common goal.



We partnered with Go Cup HK to encourage customers to bring their own reusable cups for takeaway beverages instead of using disposables. Every Friday, customers who bring their own cup or rents a Go Cup can enjoy special perks.



To fight the amount of plastic water bottles purchased and trashed in Hong Kong, Water For Free is a website and app that locates free water sources for people to refill their reusable bottles. 


food savior

Food waste is a big concern. Food Savior is a platform that allows us to sell excess food at a discounted price to provide us and our customers a win-win situation when it comes to quality food at a bargain and reducing waste.



bring your own cup

We really encourage guests to bring their own reusable cups for takeaway purchases. Café Sausalito offers $2 discounts on any takeaway drinks carried in reusable bottles.



Enjoy Café Sausalito food and drinks from the comfort of your own (and with your own silverware). Our Deliveroo orders provide disposable cutlery and straws on a request-only basis to reduce our carbon footprint. 


Last straw movement

Plastic pollution is an epidemic. Instead of providing plastic straws that are used for mere minutes and then tossed, we have opted for paper straws by Last Straw Movement that are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable eucalyptus pulp.


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customized catering

Whether your event requires a menu with specialized nutrition or utensil-free food options, the creative team at Café Sausalito can come up with catering solutions that leave everyone happy and satisfied.


Used coffee grinds are a great natural exfoliant, which is why we incorporate our daily grinds into natural, handmade soaps made by The PO Workspace.


Monthly charity drives

Every month, Café Sausalito partners with a different charity to host collection drives, bake sales and entertainment events. Past drives include baby supplies for PathfindersHK, canned food for FeedingHK, bake sales and comedy nights for ImpactHK and more.

Have a green idea? Share it with us! We'd love to collaborate.

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