Clean Up the World Weekend


Café Sausalito launched the Sausalito Sustainability Projects (SSP) in 2017 as a collection of activities and initiatives to contribute back to the community. A greener world starts with greener habits, a philosophy we instil in our daily business operations and hope to inspire in our customers. 

"Clean Up the World" is an initiative that began in Australia and gained support from the United Nations Environment Program in 1993. Since then, every 3rd weekend in September has been "Clean Up the World Weekend" with over 130 countries participating annually.

To participate in the initiative, Café Sausalito would like to encourage takeaway customers to take up the habit of bringing their own reusable cups instead of opting for our disposables. From Friday 15 September to Sunday 17 September, you can get Buy-1-Get-1-Free* takeaway drinks when you bring two reusable cups or borrow two of our GoCups provided by GoCupHK. Let's join together to reduce our waste contribution to the world!

Check out other "Clean Up the World Weekend" activities in Hong Kong here:

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Trail and Coastal Cleanup for World Cleanup Day

*Promotion is limited to handcrafted beverages only. In the case of price variation between beverages, the product of lesser value will be deemed free. Our beverages come in 8oz and 12oz sizes for hot and cold drinks respectively, regardless of size of reusable container. In the case of disputes, Café Sausalito reserves the right to final decision.