A creative community

Creative minds need coffee. That's why Café Sausalito was invited to open up shop at the Savannah College of Arts and Design Hong Kong serving specialty coffee and quick brain food to students from around the world. Nested in a Sham Shui Po historical site, SCAD HK's campus repurposes and revitalizes the North Kowloon Magistracy building.

The design pioneers at SCAD HK have been an inspiration and driving force for Café Sausalito to bring more to the table. Whether it's a shot of straight-up energy, an update to the progress of their final year project or their plans for the future, the people behind Café Sausalito @ SCAD are more than just baristas. They're wholehearted supporters of the amazing things that go on at this university.

MON-THUR 9AM-5PM (opening hours are subject to SCAD semester schedule)

*campus entry is open to SCAD students only